Valuefin Technologies
Valuefin Technologies
Valuefin Technologies

Solutions for Rural Financial Insitutions

Focussed Solutions that propel digitalisation in Rural India and reduce the IT cost significantly

Highly Reasonable Susbcription Costs

Best in class Customised solutions for Customers & Financial Institutions

Robust Digital Solutions & Services

Digital solutions that are safe, secure, scalable, robust and ready for the next level growth

Digitalisation reduces acquisition cost

Reduce the cost of onboarding, screening, evaluating and managing customer services

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

At ValueFin India Technologies we are trying to drive innovation in Financial Services delivery especially Credit Delivery in Rural and excluded areas through use of digital intelligence. It is now being recognized that technology can improve operations, reduce costs of customer acquisition, customer service and increase customer satisfaction. This is now opening up new avenues for banking, NBFCs and insurance companies

AI and ML can make it possible to provide consumers with financial services that automatically lets them decide a suitable style of managing money, spending, saving, and investing. AI and ML can play an important role in fraud detection, anti money laundering and compliance management.

AI and ML ensure that all policies, regulations, and security measures are being sincerely followed while designing and delivering any financial service.

Valuefin Technologies

Online Marketplace

At ValueFin India Technologies we are developing an online multichannel marketplace for Financial services which offers a wide range of products to customers / borrowers , lenders/financial institutions especially for Priority Sector loans and Digital Credit access for Rural India.

The online market place will be in MULTIPLE language and will have the capability to register customer, verify credentials, reduce the iterative work, digitize information, get identity verified, make credit information reports available and make it easier for banks/NBFCs/FIs to optimise the process, reduce cost of origination, improve TAT and make credit delivery more cost effective, especially when it comes to Rural India

Valuefin India Technologies
Valuefin India Technologies

Blockchain Technology

At ValueFin India Technologies we are working on Blockchain technology that allows financial institutions to create direct links and interface with each other, avoiding correspondent banking. At the most basic level, blockchain is literally just a chain of blocks where “Blocks” are made up of digital pieces of information. Each of these blocks store information that distinguishes them from other blocks. Blockchain could lay the foundation to build solutions that could potentially help banks and financial insitutions dramatically reduce processing costs and ensure tighter security.

Valuefin India Technologies

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

At ValueFin we are working on Robotic process automation (RPA), an emerging form of business process automation technology based on the artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). RPA systems can help create an action list by watching the user perform a task and could help in evolving “software robots” to handle repetitive tasks traditionally handled by humans.

Valuefin India Technologies

AgTech- Future Agriculture

At ValueFin India Technologies is working on AgTech technologies - especially software technology that can bring in innovation, efficiency, productivity in Agriculture field by better usage of resources. AgTech as an initiative encompasses both software and hardware solutions, that has potential to enable every step in Agri Value Chain and Food production. Our AgTech innovations are under "Tech Assisted Farming," "New Farming," and "Next Gen Farming." It includes water management, soil analytics, IoT devices and predictive analytics

Valuefin India Technologies

Digital Financial Inclusion

At ValueFin India Technologies we provide services and solutions that enable access to financial services especially to Rural enterprises, Agri-enterprises, Small businesses, Farmer Producer Organisations (FPOs), Producers and individuals, at an affordable rate. Digital finance may extend the benefits of economy by increasing access to finance/credit to the excluded and unreached section of society by reducing the cost of financial intermediation for banks, NBFCs and Fintech providers.


ValueFin India Technologies and Services Private Limited, is nextgen digital solutions company that is focused on empowering Rural India through cost effective Digital Solutions. ValuefIn India works under Software as a Solution "SaaS" model.

The company provides a wide range of customisedSolutions for Financial Services that help promote Digital inclusion & enable credit delivery services in Rural & Semi Urban India.

Our services include cloud based digital loan origination and loan management system, Credit information services, AgTech Solutions, AI and ML based services.

ValueFin Technologies and Services Private limited is promoted by MANOJ RAWAT, who is a B.Tech (Gold Medalist) with Honours, Master of Engineering (ME), MBA in Finance and CAIIB. He brings in rich experience of working across wide range of sectors at prestigious organisations in leadership roles for more than 25 years. An accomplished banking and financial services professional with keen interest in NextGen technologies, Manoj brings with him more than two decades of hands on experience and a strong passion to work for Rural India. He has built a highly competent inhouse team of technology professionals and sector specialists. The idea is create digital solutions that empower Rural India.